In a full venue takeover, Circoloco returns to Melbourne bringing the ubiquitous Crazy Clown face and infamous party ethos along for the ride. Celebrating the underground spirit  and sound of Ibizan dance music and culture, it will turn The Bottom End into four bespoke and curated zones. Promising sounds, sights and sensations delivered in a way that even the most discerning a club goer will not be left wanting. It’s an impressive line, and a night not to be missed, The Melbourne Critique spoke with one DJ that many in our local clubbing scene will know, and who will also be gracing the decks at Circoloco on January 25th.

Viktor, where did it all start for you, and what is about electronic music that speaks to you so directly?

For me it all started around 15 years ago: I went to my first outdoor rave in the bush where I grew up on the far south coast of NSW. Coming from a punk and metal background and playing the guitar, I had never really listened to dance music though, after that one night, I basically put down the guitar and began my journey into electronic music. I began collecting music, buying equipment, and jamming out in my bedroom. Back then, I never really thought that it would result in me making a (modest) living and having the crazy lifestyle it’s brought me. Underground electronic music brings a lot of different people together and can create some truly profound experiences. 

What sort of preparation do you do before every show? 

To be honest, I don’t really prepare for any of the shows these days. Having to play so many different events and venues in different time slots has pushed be to become versatile, and most often I play on the fly, doing my best to read the crowd. I do, however, always make sure I’m loaded up with a wide range of music so I can go in whatever direction is necessary. 
Melbourne seems to be filled with talent. What helps to define the local music scene and what does Melbourne have which other cities may lack? 

There’s definitely a lot of talent in Melbourne. We have some great producers who are truly world class and the DJs here are pushing some really forward thinking sounds across a bunch of genres. I think that  having no issues with lock out laws in clubs like our friends north of the border have, has really helped push the boundaries with electronic music. We have some legit after hours clubbing on hand with places like The Breakfast Club, Revolver and Circus Sundays providing settings on par with the European meccas. 

Have you ever been to a Circoloco and what do you think has made the brand so endearing?

I’ve never been to a Circoloco event, though between friend’s accounts and footage I’ve seen I’m sure we’re in for a hell of a show! Very excited to be a part of it! 

Who on the lineup is for you a ‘must watch’?

A lot of big names on the bill, though for me I’d have to say it’s Dubfire. He’s a true old-school boss and sure to deliver something special!  

What are some of the trends in electronic music that have or continue to make a resurgence? What would you like to see make a return?

Good question. There are always new trends coming and going, though I feel like really good music always has a quality of timelessness to it. I personally like the tracks I play to give a little nod to the old school, and I notice that sound in a lot of the good clubs, both here and overseas. Here in Melbourne there are a lot of kids getting right into 90’s house, authentic techno and disco which is great to see, rather than young people just following the trends of the Beatport top 10. I hope that authenticity continues in our scene here. 
Circoloco Melbourne with Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Apollonia, Art Department, Henry Saiz and Clive Henry  is on Thursday the 25th of January at The Bottom End.