Louisa Wall takes her audience on a rollicking journey through the eyes of a millennial with her personal brand of “I don’t like cabaret” cabaret in It’s Not Me, It’s Lou. Addressing issues from marriage equality and homelessness to the woes of hospitality workers and Instagram, Wall tackles the “millennial problem” head-on, all while dressed in a pink Kmart pyjama set.

Unpretentious and genuine, Wall delivers a performance of social commentary done right. While she teases out the idea of today’s self-centred youth culture by honing in on her experiences as a twenty-something, Wall is entirely self-aware and mocking. Underscored by endearing moments of dorky humour, wry observations and outright hilarity, her frank approach makes the show relatable and engaging,.

Although she jests about not being comfortable onstage, Wall holds her own for the duration of the hour-long show. Flanked by a piano, a keyboard and two microphones, the performer smoothly transitions from song to speech while effortlessly engaging the audience with her animated demeanour.

While her hilarious songs about life as a young adult in the 21st century are enough to consider this show a hit, it’s the genuine expression of personality behind them that makes it a must-see. Wall is a delight to watch onstage,and has huge amounts of potential as a performer.


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