The KillJoy show at this year’s Fringe was gobsmackingly fantastic! It was my first time at any show auspiced by The Women’s Circus and l can honestly say l will be back for more. It was refreshing and exciting to see a new breed of circus performers. The show is a unique blend of contemporary physical performance and a fusion of burlesque-style skits along with a sidelined grungy rock band.

The KillJoy trio comprising Mahla Bird, Amy Broomstick and Cat Scobie alongside their appointed entourage have created a dazzling yet thought-provoking show that not only entertains but questions social and cultural mores. The challenge of delving into uncharted territory for these performers brings forth poignant caricatures of female identity and their underlying strengths.

The hilariously funny interactive ‘orgasm’ skit is loud and expressive in performance and in costume, while traditional circus acrobatics are performed with ease and fluidity to break up the more flamboyant routines. The fire-eater shines new light on the classic fairy tale The Match Girl. The performers never cease to bring forth their lewd and confronting sexuality in their burlesque vignettes; the KillJoys are aesthetic agitators, constantly confronting with powerful and imaginative self-awareness.

This show has such great potential to expand into bigger and better domains. It is also great to see the legendary Maud Davey billed as the Artistic Director. This is a groundbreaking circus show that will leave you craving for more.