50 minutes is the therapist’s hour and also the run time of most fringe shows. This allows the therapist to take notes before the next client, the punters to run for a drink before the next show, and for performers to scrabble with rapid bump ins and outs. This show boldly places a ticking clock on the table between therapist (Debra Lawrance) and client (Lucy Moir), be that a pleasant or painful reminder of the minutes edging by.

Sarah is riddled with issues, all of them. She is playing a tiresome game of “what is wrong with me?” with her lukewarm therapist who really only has philosophical anecdotes to give as advice. Alcoholism, Depression, Spectrum Disorder, Addiction to Technology or maybe just Apathy and Boredom could be the problem here, and Sarah is pretty sure there is a drug for all of them. She just needs some sleep. She just needs a break – death, she knows, is a quick fix but she also finds it genuinely exciting.

Lucy’s Sarah is everyone you know. We’ve all seen the troubled millennial done and overdone, but here she is smart, funny – and she absolutely gets the reality check that’s coming to her. Debra Lawrance is completely unassuming as the therapist, creeping up on us with force and huge power. Write Loud and Clear About What Hurts is a modern, clever insightful conversation (written by Lucy Moir herself), wrapped in a well-worn setting.


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