The Art Centre has never looked so young, the theatre brimming with fresh faced excitement, on stage are 50 dancers, laid out in a circular formation; this is dance of epic proportion. The maker is, of course, Stephanie Lake, an artist who needs no introduction, an individual that, through their electric, white hot choreography, sets the bar frighteningly high for anyone that comes after.

However, Colossus is not strictly dance as it pulls into the enigmatic fold – voice and also moments of sheer physicality. Here, these young virile bodies are exploited for the sake of movement, the sake of pleasure, and for the sake of experience, and it is nothing short of beautiful to watch.

As these bodies writhed among each other, breaking into moments of cannon and solo, each of their individual tropes was given time to each be encountered; finding such individual dynamism, within such large scale ensemble work is an incredible feet.

The choreography here is anything but reductive, it ebbs and flows in direct accordance with an eclectic score, the work of Robin Fox; this, in itself, is a beautiful piece of sound composition, entertaining in its own right as it washes over the audience in abundance and clarity.

This isn’t a Fringe Show, it simply refuses to exist within this realm of rough and ready performance, it instead floats, but far above; it’s tightly executed and of the utmost production values, it will rightly appear, once more, we hope- sometime soon. Dance makers like Lake come round not too often, and we have thanks to give for being alive at the time when her work is still ascending – who knows when such blinding talent will come again.