Cheeky, sexy, and unexpectedly funny, Adelaide’s Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents is a gorgeous visual, auditory, and occasionally tactile experience. Fafi D’Alour (Fiona Smith) is accompanied by her delinquents Gigi (Georgia van der Sman) and Luna (Kate Ryan) as well as vocalist Amelie Peters in this burlesque cabaret.

Featuring ballet, aerial hoops, striptease and contortion, each performer is afforded the opportunity to showcase their talents both independently and with one another. Though the eponymous Fafi D’Alour is clearly the ringleader and commands attention as such, each performer has impressive stage presence, exuding confidence with every move.

Smith impresses with aerial striptease, literally bringing her burlesque performance to new heights. Charismatic, confident and sensual, she commands attention whether mid-air or pressed against the floor.

Peters’ sultry jazz vocals both feature and support Smith, Ryan and Van der Sman, singing solo and alongside them. It’s during her solo performances that her stage presence begins to waver, developing a case of wandering feet in an effort to fill the space; Fafi and her delinquents would arguably fare better in a more intimate venue.

Though it’s difficult to criticise this all-female troupe’s titillating performance, there are a few small flaws. Smith has a somewhat jarring tendency to lip synch while Peters is singing, which is distracting not only for its needlessness but also as it’s often noticeably out of synch. Peters’ occasional habit of singing out of the side of her mouth is another minor distraction, although this is fortunately only a visual oddity with no effect on her vocals.

Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents is a sensual spectacle. From Peters’ scene-stealing vocals to Smith twerking to ‘Baby Got Back,’ every base is covered in this variety of acts, nailing this winning combination of sensuality and humour. Smith’s choreography also merges the two with ease. Dressed in white shirts, van der Sman and Ryan recreate the classic Ghost scene with one sparkly difference: in place of clay, the pair caress a glittery, silver dildo.

Fafi and her Delinquents finish their Melbourne Fringe season tonight and will be heading to SoHo Playhouse to perform on September 29th and 30th, and October 5th to 7th.


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