Having decided to make this show before reviewing 15 years of  their recorded conversations, their content has still become the script for Ich Nibber Dibber. The title is garbled German gibberish; the show is mostly nonsense, in-jokes and topics that keep circling in on themselves. Performance Trio Post have here placed drivel and outtakes as central fodder. It’s material that from a devising process has sprouted plenty of vibrant, charged work for Post so-far.

As verbatim theatre it is successful and oft delightful, though the source material is ploddy and repetitive – they realise it themselves: “90% of everything is shit.” (Close to 90% of this show is poo problems and prolapsed parts.) Even if a script is self-aware of its circularity, it does not necessarily justify its existence. Sometimes it lost us among the chatter.

Still, if anyone could hold attention on such inane blather and stale pop culture, it’s these three. Natalie Rose, Mish Grigor and Zoë Coombs Marr are just fun. You want to be mates and talk the same shit, knowing there are diamonds to be unearthed.

This performance, and its restrained set (the performers are here actually suspended on three platforms, or perhaps impaled on posts) has allowed the unique candour and collective slickness of the three to come through with ease. “Are we still recording?” is the continual quip that is brushed over as the years roll on. A great moment arises to acknowledge outdated slurs, and the judgements and insensitivity towards themselves as younger women. In this way the work holds a mirror to the dull and dim parts of ourselves – not awful, but quite horrible in their own way.


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