“it’s good there’s such torture between you and the image” 

Sometimes art can sweep you off your feet and take you somewhere magical, this performance is one such occasion…. Post Reality Vision, created by Nana Biluš Abaffy, is a ludicrously fun affair, a manage-a-trois between three virile dancers, whom slip effortlessly between the roles of protagonist, antagonist and art director.

In a world dominated by the post-modern and post-performance, this is the kind of work that fills each definition perfectly. This is achingly cool and achingly highbrow, but not at the risk of alienating audiences, because the key here, is that it never takes itself too seriously.

Borrowing from classical art images, each of the three performers form tableau, which in turn are caught in one of the many camera angles, this is tech heavy, but the addition of these multi-angles really allows the work to be viewed simultaneously through many lenses. In fact the multi-faceted nature extends further than live feed and the physical, as the backdrop for the work is many and varied images that the performers took of themselves. It is, simply put, an intelligent and thought provoking use of device, here dance is deconstructed and placed in jarring notions against other artistic outputs. 

This work isn’t polished, in fact it was only finished at 9 AM, the morning of it’s first preview, but it doesn’t need to be. The quality of the work is in it’s rough edges, in it’s almost non finished state. As it stands, Post Reality Vision is a beautiful statement on what dance could be- something real, something undefined, something messy and all together human.

Post Reality Vision is on now at Dance House.

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